Vote Sept. 20, 2021 - GPC Candidate Kelly Green

GPC Candidate Kelly Green

for Climate Action in Edmonton - Strathcona

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THANK YOU! to all of you who voted Green and voted for me in the Edmonton - Strathcona Riding. Deep respect and gratitude to Naomi Hunter for her support and guidance in my first election. Huge thanks to James Andrew Routledge for managing, and his daughter for being my Financial Agent. My sister Vicky was amazing in her support, as well as my 2 boys. Thanks to James T Warbington and his wife Camille for all their support. He made all my vids and helped with the events. Thanks Espa Love for the killer graphics and of course BIG thanks to everyone who voted for Climate Action, and everyone who came out to meet me and volunteer on the campaign. Oh, ... shout out to Kimberly Faye for making the t-shirts on short order. They're fantastic. thank you!!

The election may be over for now, but we are getting the message out there! We need Climate Action now!

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for Climate Action in Edmonton - Strathcona

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GPC Candidate

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Vote Green!

The #1 issue facing us today is the Climate Catastrophe.

We know this.

We must end fossil fuels. Leave it in the ground now. Yes, I said it!

We must end the subsidization of our demise.

End any future oil and gas development.

No more open pit tar sands mining.

No more fracking!

No more flaring, and



I’ll fight for the Green Transition we need to survive.

NOW it is time to represent the Earth in Canada’s House of Commons.

I’m not beholden to any special interest besides planetary health and

the long term survival of our civilization.

This is my guiding commitment.


Vote Green for Climate Action!

There is still opportunity to donate to the future and the Green Party. For more climate action information and donation information please click the Green Party Logo or Donate button to find out more!

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