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Vote Sept. 20, 2021 - GPC Candidate Kelly Green

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for Climate Action in Edmonton - Strathcona

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About Me:

Kelly Green is a self employed single Dad with two sons, renting in Strathearn. This is his 3rd time in the neighborhood since first moving here in 1985. He went to Bonnie Doon High and lived / worked for years in Strathcona. His parents and extended family lived down in Pleasantview and Malmo Plains area. He went to Junior high at Duggan while moving between Avonmore and Ritchie. He grew up exploring Mill Creek ravine and the river valley with friends from Holyrood, Ottwell, Forest Heights, Hazeldean and King Edward Park. This riding is one he knows very well.


As a young environmental activist in the 90’s, spent much time organizing and campaigning in Garneau, University. In 93 he was one of more than 900 arrested to save Old Growth forests.


After Clayoquot Summer he returned home, but across the river this time to attend MacEwan, where he graduated from the Audio Visual Communications program in 96. For the next 15 years he applied his trade where it would best fit his values of social justice and environmental protection. In Yellowknife he started as a summer hire, and left two years later the Department Director and Producer at NCS-TV.


At the turn of the millennium he was arrested again, this time for locking down on a ‘coker’ bound for Ft. McMurray with Greenpeace and future partner in activism, Tooker Gomberg.


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VOTE Sept. 20 2021 - Kelly Green

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His freelance photography and video production business gave him the flexibility to team up with Tooker for his 2000 Gomberg for Mayor campaign in Toronto. Immediately following that, they travelled to The Hague for COP6 as media delegates, where once again he risked arrest for taking Climate Action.

He spent 5 yrs in Toronto growing a media distribution and production company before relocating back to the prairies where he retro-fit a century old style farmhouse into an off-grid destination. He was always active in whichever community he lived, but he really dived in deep in Craik, SK. Besides work on his home, he sat on the boards of the Craik Sustainable Living Project and the Saskatchewan Eco Network. His company thrived too, winning awards for video production and event organization, including the 2010 Earth Day Film Festival, which brought hundreds from across the country to learn and embrace off-grid and low impact living in small town Saskatchewan.

Kelly has never been content to sit back and watch the world unfold. He continuously seeks out ways to make a living for his family while making a larger contribution through his activism. In 2011 he took a civil service job, moving back to Edmonton with his young family. When the pandemic began he was still driving the city bus here, up and down the same streets he ran on as a kid growing up. He was very active in his union over 9 years, having served as a shop steward and organizer against privatization.

The transition back to self employment was timely, and he’s been valueing it as chief on-line learning assistant to his youngest son. When he’s not managing social media sites for environmental organizations, he volunteers for the Greens. In his community lately he’s organized and volunteered on a number of mutual aid projects too, primarily delivering food to people living rough on the street.

He’s active with the Strathearn Community League on a variety of events and gardens a plot between the playground and his complex. At 50, Kelly is ready to represent Edmonton Strathcona, a riding that few know as well. His service to the community and general good character help make him an ideal Member of Parliament, but his record and commitment to Climate Action is why you should help get him elected.

for Climate Action in Edmonton - Strathcona

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